Iza Jameel

Brand Strategist ★ Imagepreneur ★ Dynamic Public Speaker ★ Happiness Messenger ★ Senior Management Professional

Prakash Arya is a man of eccentric genius when it comes to design, brand strategy and communication. His creative aptitude is amazing, the way he captures the essence of your business and communicates it into digital art is commendable. It has always been so much easier to work with Prakash and his team, as he understands your requirements not only from the design...

May 24, 2015, Iza was PRAKASH's client

Supriya Singh

Branding and Campaigns | CRM | Integrated Marketing & Communications Specialist | Digital Marketing Evangelist

Mr. Prakash Arya is a great partner to work with. He is very knowledgeable in Management Consulting & Strategy domain. He has great management skills, strategic thinking and business acumen on top of his deep technical knowledge. Mr. Prakash is very detail oriented and can be completely trusted for delivering complex projects/assignments on time. Mr. Prakash has been a valuable resource on the management consulting space, very meticulous and extremely down to earth in his approach, great guy to work with.

February 16, 2016, Supriya worked with PRAKASH at Rosemary Consulting

Anmol Bansal

Business Analyst at V2 Games, India

It was privilege working with Prakash Sir at Rosemary Consulting, an innovative consulting firm. He is passionate about providing innovative solutions in management consulting space. He gives lot of freedom to team members which make them more responsible & committed towards achieving their goals. Prakash Sir is a committed professional and very practical in his approach.

The one thing instantaneously noticeable of Mr.Prakash Arya as a senior is his ability to see the big picture. His excellent people skill, sound domain knowledge and candid feedback is what makes him a wonderful mentor. Besides his ability to foster an environment of fresh thinking and result-oriented action are some of his virtues worth emulating.

February 17, 2016, Anmol reported to PRAKASH at Rosemary Consulting

Manoj Kumar Sharma

Technical Consultant at Rosemary Consulting

Mr. Prakash Arya is a Business Professional with a heart. He knows how to balance tough business decisions by also ensuring his team is highly motivated to execute various challenging tasks with finesse and high level of quality output. I've had the opportunity to work with him by seeking his advice on various projects which has enabled me to optimize my output to deliver a fabulous experience to everyone i work for. He's also a fitness fanatic - which bolsters his personality to fit his business acumen. Overall - he's an Ace Professional and a Gentleman! way to go..all the best.

February 16, 2016, Manoj Kumar worked directly with PRAKASH at Rosemary Consulting

Sonu Sharma

President at Dynamic India Group

Prakash is a perfectionist and a detail oriented person. He has the knack of managing time well and at the same time is objective, very quick at decision making and an expert in judging a person. I have found Prakash to be a very committed and hardcore career professional.. Ideating a concept, test running through strategy and execution are among his greatest strengths.. A suave and thoroughbred professional with extremely good communication skills, one can more than depend on him for end to end management of any assignment that he handles.

He was one of the Intelligent person we had in the board at Dynamic India with Clear Vision and Mission to accomplish the Goals. I wish him all the best for his all future endeavors.

February 12, 2016, Sonu was PRAKASH's client

Marina Francis


Prakash is a bundle of energetic enthusiasm. Keen to leave a stamp of his own in his efforts that are collaborative and innovative.Prakash has a very systematic approach to work which makes it easy to achieve tasks. His clarity of thought and direction made working with him a very pleasant experience. He instills a lot of faith in his coworkers, in turn shaping them into better professionals. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

February 12, 2016, Marina worked directly with PRAKASH at Rosemary Consulting

Bhagirath Bhardwaj

Founder - Rich Brain Emotional Network Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prakash Arya is a disciplined and innovative person. One of the Best Professional I have seen ever...has a command over Internet /Digital Domain...understand what client wants...and then will buzz you for a good negotiation.

Prakash inspires positive thinking & an attitude of achievement. His ability to keep the group motivated is tremendous. The energy and Focus he bring to work is outstanding.

I wish him all the best in all is future endeavors and look forward to work with him again.

October 2, 2014, Bhagirath was PRAKASH's client

Punam Madan

Independent Online Digital Marketing Specialist | Web Analytics Expert | SEM-PPC Consultant

A true professional with an eye for detail and out-of-the-box thinking ability is how i would describe Prakash.He has a unique style of managing his Team, Clients, Associates and his professional commitments. Prakash empowers, motivates to excel, and maintains high standards to integrity, professionalism and professional expertise within his team. He commands tremendous trust of his people and builds long lasting relationships. I wish him all the best.

June 25, 2014, Punam worked directly with PRAKASH at Rosemary Interactive

Jyotika Mathur

A humble and down-to-earth personality, Prakash was also well-respected by the crew of designers that reported to him. Always easy to communicate with, he was full of creative ideas waiting to make their mark. I wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours.

October 8, 2011, Jyotika worked with PRAKASH at Rosemary Interactive


Special Sales- Penguin Random House

"Mr. Prakash Arya is energy personified, a very fantastic person at heart and an out and out professional by nature. He brings with him an infectious enthusiasm and creativity. He is an amazing guy with a great understanding of the Digital Marketing and eBusiness and I got to know many things from him.

I found him very focused on Systems and Processes, excellent communicator, graceful, ambitious, true leader, great believer in delegation of authority, Best person to work with. Wishing him all the best for his future.

August 7, 2014, AKHILESH reported to PRAKASH at Rosemary Interactive

Ankit Arora

Sr. Web/UI Developer at Cheil India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Prakash Arya is a digital media expert with strong thought leadership pedigree and diversified acumen and values. A dynamic and self motivated professional, creative and business savvy.

He's not only passionate and professional but strategic when driving himself and associates beyond bound to achieve set and agreed business objectives.

It was a great pleasure working with him in on Some digital Campaigns. Mr. Prakash is amiable, inteligent and dependable!

I wish him a brighter career ahead !!!

August 6, 2014, Ankit reported to PRAKASH at Rosemary Interactive

Bharadwaj Adapa

Marketing Head at Vnexgen

Prakash Arya is a detail oriented manager who watches the task sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective. Also he is very friendly and helpful personality to work with.

November 20, 2013, Bharadwaj was with another company when working with PRAKASH at Rosemary Interactive

Indrajit Maiti


Punctual, good designer, can handle work pressure and affordable - that's Prakash. Wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

February 20, 2013, Indrajit was PRAKASH's client

Sarita Rai

Assistant Manager-HR

Mr. Prakash Arya is a great personality with multiple skills and ability of handling various tasks all together. I am working under his guidance from last one year and I have learnt a lot from him. He is one of the best mentor with extreme positive attitude and extraordinary qualities.

He has a sense of responsibility with excellent team handling approach. I wish him all the very best for his great future

July 21, 2014, Sarita worked with PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Rashmi Tiwari

HR Manager at Iffort (Hey, We are hiring..Digital & Development guys please connect ASAP)

I really feel lucky to work under the guidance and support of a senior and mentor like Mr. Arya. He is a 'man of knowledge' and 'expert of his profession'. He is an excellent team leader. He is always available to his colleagues and team members if & when they need him and try to help them in all possible ways. Mr. Arya posses excellent presentation skills as well. He is very much focused , well- balanced & truly professional.

Over and above his qualities and qualification he is a very humble and down-to-earth person. His guidance and inputs have always been an inspiration to us for our overall development, both professionally and personally.

July 19, 2014, Rashmi worked indirectly for PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Naveen Nagar

Technical Executive SMO&SEO at 3Aworld Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

My experience working with Prakash Sir proved to be a true professional with demonstrated abilities to achieve objectives. I describe him as dynamic, energetic and creative with strong communication and planning ability. To the point, he is able to develop and implement business strategies, inspire performance and get the job done.

February 26, 2014, Naveen worked indirectly for PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Pradeep Kumar

Sr. Web Designer at Web media services

Prakash Sir’s in-depth knowledge on digital domain is highly appreciable. Always smiling, and a no no nsence person. His team management is seeing is believing, it's just professional and extremely supportive towards his peers His openness toward new digital technology and digital marketing was an huge support to execute strategy. I wish him best wishes for his career ahead.

October 21, 2013, Pradeep reported to PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Manish Rajput

Asst. Manager - Technology at 3Aworld Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

Prakash Sir is really master of online and digital domain. He comes across as a warm individual with a deep understanding of human behaviour. His ego less and empathetic attitude makes him a good listener and thereby adds tremendous value to any discussion that he is part of.

He brings in different angles to the subject and is adept at putting across his views in a manner that is suave, its non intrusive and makes one wonder.

October 21, 2013, Manish reported to PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Vinay Pal

Assistant Manager User Interface Design at 3Aworld Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

Working with Prakash Sir is really a great experience and a knowledge exposure for me. He is a cool person with great leadership quality. He always motivates the team, providing the precise information when needed. He is very systematic in his approach with great networking skills adds value to his skill sets.

Its a pleasure for me to work under Prakash sir because he's one person that anyone can get along and a person with whom you would love to work with. Wishing him all the best in his endeavours.

October 21, 2013, Vinay reported to PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Manpreet Singh

Assistant Manager - Search Marketing at 3Aworld Infracon Pvt. Ltd.

Prakash Sir is a perfectionist. I have been witness to many appreciations from partners and clients for Prakash Sir , i wish him all the very best and he for sure would be an asset for any organization he works for. There is lots to write as he has an overload of positive energy around him.

October 21, 2013, Manpreet reported to PRAKASH at 3Aworld

Tarun Gupta


In one sentence, Mr. Prakash Arya is a gem of a person. He not only works with complete involvement but also put in his honest efforts. He has always gone the extra mile and ensured the responsibility given to him are completed.

A dynamic digital expert and a true professional that's Prakash Arya for you. It's sheer blessing to have him in your organisation. i wish him all the best for his life and career.

September 20, 2014, Tarun was with another company when working with PRAKASH at TGIP

Robin Thomas

Chartered Financial Analyst and MBA Finance

I am writing about a person whose three qualities has inspired me. First, a wonderful problem solver, second an extremely good listener and third a highly positive person with highest caliber of professional competence. I wish him all the success in all his endeavors, both personal and professional.

September 17, 2014, Robin worked directly with PRAKASH at TGIP

Rinkoo Sharma

UI Designer at Tech2Globe Web Solution

Prakash Arya Sir is a poised gentleman, a great communicator with a beautiful mind of a strategist. He is a thought leader with a beating business acumen. He is an excellant person both personally and professionally and it will always be a pleasure for anybody to work with him.

July 18, 2014, Rinkoo reported to PRAKASH at TGIP

Harmanjit Singh

Self Employed as a Social Media Marketing Consultant.

PRAKASH is a nice fellow who has in-depth knowledge of different aspects of digital marketing with extensive experience with top-notch agencies, which enables him to effectively execute large scale digital marketing projects. He also has a interest in academic world and has taught students of top-notch B-Schools across India. My best wishes to him!

July 6, 2014, Harmanjit was with another company when working with PRAKASH at TGIP


Assistant Marketing Manager - at Falcon Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

A True Leader, Great visionary, amazing motivator, Team Player all these qualities define Prakash Arya, with whom I have the opportunity to work in two companies, always smiling taking up challenges from front and inspiring others to achieve targets. A New age Management Guru and strategist with in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing & Communication.

September 13, 2014, S.F.H.FIRDAUSI reported to PRAKASH at Sepia Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

Anubhuti Kaul Bhrany

Head-Government Affairs at Wipro Technologies

PRAKASH is one of the most committed professionals that I have come across. He can envision your thoughts and design them the way you desire. Perfection is something that he constantly tries to chase. I am sure with his dedication he would be able to reach heights in his carrier...

November 15, 2010, Anubhuti worked directly with PRAKASH at Satya Paul

Nipun Kapur

Chief Operating Officer at WATMedia Pvt Ltd

Prakash has been great to work with, he is sharp and open to experiments! Prakash helped me develop and e magazine for one of our clients, in light of the recession in 2008 -09, this was great idea to cut down costs and manage regular communications. Wish you all the best!

September 30, 2010, Nipun was PRAKASH's client

Meena R Nair


A very creative person, Prakash had in-depth knowledge about designing. His designing skills used to be unique and spoke volumes about what how one could play around with icons, colours and messaging. He never restricted himself to designing but rather would understand the entire perspective of any project and ensure that the designs played a vital role in supporting the end-motive. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors

July 21, 2014, Meena R worked directly with PRAKASH at Compare Infobase Limited

Vansh Trehan

Manager at SapientNitro, Scrum Professional,CSP®,Scrum Master,CSM®, SAFe® Agilist (SA), ICP®, Agile Coach

Prakash is a detailed oritented person with great domain expertise and yet willing to learn new things and continuously enhancing his daily routine activities by applying them. He is a great team player who alwz extend his support to others. He is alwz calm and focused person in his work. I wish him great success in his future endevours

November 7, 2010, Vansh worked with PRAKASH at Compare Infobase Limited

Saji Mathew

Head - Graphics JIA NEWS

good work , creative with multimedia knowledge, worked in differend project ( corp.film, e-presentation, 3D walk-throughs) , dedicated, hardworking, with good visulation power

May 9, 2010, Saji was with another company when working with PRAKASH at Interconnect Telexell (India) Limited